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Rings, knocks, buzzing in one’s ear.

Do also you belong to the people, that suffer from this malignant ear -flush? With those a medicinal therapy nothing or not much has helped? Why don’t you try it another way? With good results and completely free from any side effects? I show you the way.    

Dr. Teuber in the interview with a magazine (Punkt):

PunktDr. Teuber, how can one treat Tinnitus alternatively and with big success?

Dr. Teuber: As I already reported earlier, I work with the acupuncture-methods of the Danish eye-acupuncturist Professor John Boel. With his systems, one can treat a lot of eye-illnesses, illnesses of the locomotorium and sport-problems effectively, gentle and with very good results. Professor Boel takes care of the professional racingcrew of the Telekom during the tour de france for years. Whatever illnesses occur with the drivers at any time, he works with a new acupuncture-system, that ECIWO-System. And in the last years, there were no driving-failures with the Telecom-Mannschaft from healths reasons during the tour de france.

Punkt: And one can also apply this acupuncture-system with Tinnitus?

Dr. Teuber: As with the eye-acupuncture, which for years I’ve been using with big success, I decided again to take over the concept of Boel also in the treatment of „Tinnitus “of the sorely tried Tinnitus-patients. I still treat them with a combination of different addition-therapies additionally in order to achieve a better effectiveness.

My Tinnitus-Therapy runs out in following steps: After the rules of the TCM-Acupuncture, two needles are placed in the neck of the sedentary patient. Now, two needles are put down after the ECIWO-System at each hand. One therefore manages on this therapy with at most six needles. The therapy-duration with the prick of the needles amounts to approximately half an hour, at least two times a week over a time period of approximately 10 to 15 sessions. After the needles were pulled, quaddle I with Gingko Syxyl D3 Amp. Sundries acupuncture-points at the ear. In addition, the patient takes 3x1 pills Gingko Syxyl D2 and 3x1 pills Magnesiumasparat per day. Parallel to the acupuncture-sessions, the oxygen-increase-step-therapy is executed after Professor Ardenne. One inhales concentrated oxygen over a mask for 20 minutes, of which the head is ionized with five million negatively loaded particles.  With the ionization and the offering of the medications, it can be reached that the oxygen is escorted until into the finest capillaries. The oxygen-sessions take place continuously for 18 sessions. Of course, all previously made diagnostics and therapies are discussed with the patient before the start of the therapy, in order to achieve a topmost-possible effectiveness of my treatment to the welfare of the patient. The revelation of sturgeon-fields or therapy-blockades also plays a big role.

The advantage of my combined treatment-scheme is that one can have success with this method even if the Tinnitus exists already for years and various unsuccessful treatments were performed. Unfortunately it is the case again and again that the patients don’t come until other treatments have not helped.

Punkt: Mr. Dr. Teuber, what exactly is Tinnitus and which causes does it have?

Dr. Teuber: Tinnitus has increased strongly in the last years. Noise-damages are often the cause, for example discos, circulation-damages, hearing precipitation, Stress or an illness by the name of Morbus Meniér.  Tinnitus in a narrower sense is a disturbed information-process in the brain. Tinnitus affected people don't hear the flush in the ear, bells and palpitation with the ear, but in the brain. These sound-perceptions take place without outer sound-sources and without mechanical or vibratory activity of the audition-cochlea. The latest concepts turn away from the isolated contemplation of the inner ear as causal organ with sounds in the ear. Instead the central parts of the entire hearing-system are involved and should be taken into account with the therapy. Thus, the higher acoustic centers are joined with the limbal system, the seat of our feeling-world. The different stations of our hearing-system, model the hearing-impression, which we finally perceive consciously in the primary auditory center. The central hearing-regime consequently has the function of a filter-system. It filters the acoustic signals from the inner ear and keeps them away from the connection with subcortical centers. This filter-system is the physiological correlate for the fact that we approximately perceive only 30% of the environmental-sounds. With sufferers of Tinnitus, this filter-function is disturbed. The impeding systems are no longer in the situation to prevent the connection of the acoustic signals with the subcortical areas. The consequence is, that they  perceive the always existing random noises.

An objective scientifical recording of the Tinnituscomplaints is not possible at present. Here also lie the reasons why an aimed medication was little or not at all successful in the last two decades.

Punkt: Dr. Teuber, we thank you for the comprehensive information.