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Eye-acupuncture - what does this actually mean?


As a patient, what can you expect from it?

How, with what and when can this form of acupuncture help you?

Are the needles actually placed into the eye?


These are questions which I am repeatedly asked and which I will answer gladly in the following.


For more than 15 years I have been practicing this special form of the eye-acupuncture.



Eye-illnesses most frequently treated:


- Age Farsightedness
- Macular Degeneration
- Macula Oedema
- Glaucoma
- Eye-pressure elevated
- Retinitis pigmentosa
- Detachments of retina (Ablatio retinae)
- Retina-bleedings
- Diabetic retinopathy
- Eye-venous thrombosis  + Eye-infarct
- Short-sightedness up to the 18.Year of life
- Farsightedness with children, also with angle of deviation
- Farsightedness with adults
- Brain and eye-trauma, eye-nerve-bruises (for example through brain-tumor)


Although not all eye-illnesses can be healed completely, they can usually be strongly decreased or the progress of the illness can be slowed. So eye-acupuncture offers a complement as well as an alternative to the treatment by classic school medicine. 

This method to therapy eye-illnesses was developed by Professor John Boel from Denmark. In this time he has certainly treated eye-complaints of all type successfully with more than 8000 patients. After I had taken part in several of his seminars and continued educations in my country - and in foreign countries and also was allowed to audit a while with him, I decided to execute this method in my policlinic. 



The exact treatment-scheme is used as  followed: 

Special acupuncture-points, which over a special micro-system stand in direct conjunction with the eye, are stung with the eye-acupuncture. This participates altogether 8 points, therefore 8 needles. Two at the feet, two at the knees, two at the hands and in each case one ever in the area of the eyebrows. With children and very fearful patients, one can work alternatively also on the ear-acupuncture, i.e. one pricks only small acupuncture-needles on the ear, instead of the 8 needles at the body as portrayed.



Temporal course of the treatment: 

The temporal course participates as followed: In the first treatment-week, the patient becomes acupunctures on five consecutive days, in each case twice in the distance of an hour for the duration of half an hour. It is also possible to do it half an hour in the morning as well as half an hour in the afternoon. Then the patients get treats twice the week, then once the week and later all 4-6 weeks. So that the treatment-success remains stable, they should come in some cases 3-4 times in the year to the acupuncture.



Acupuncture for everyone?

Since each human being addresses differently in regard to an acupuncture-treatment, one unfortunately cannot formulate any general rules. With some patients one can already reach big successes after 5-10 meetings(days),  it lasts several months with others. From experience, one knows that 10% of all patients participate approximately resistant against each type of acupuncture-treatments. One however can usually recognize already in the first treatment-week, how and whether a patient addresses in regard to acupuncture and whether a subsequent treatment participates meaningful. With Macula degeneration as well as Retinitis pigmentosa the treatment-time normally participate the longest. A thorough Anamneses, is made before treatment-beginning.



General success-outlooks:

Fundamentally almost all eye-illnesses are curable with acupuncture. One of the few only eye-illnesses that unfortunately are not curable is the short-sightedness of adults from the 18th until 20th year of life. But despite this, an exceptionally good success-quota exists, i.e., with most patients, an improvement can be reached at the eye. With eye-complaints, which are not caused by malfunctions in the brain, blood clots, thrombosis in the head-area, brain-bruises after accidents, conditional participates there is therefore a good to very good chance for improvement.



Treatment of children:

In order to talk about the treatment of children shortly once again, one can say that they are treatable at each age, even in the infancy. There are thin special-needles, through it the treatment can be executed almost painless, or one, in these cases works over the ear-acupuncture, as already previously mentioned, what the children normally tolerate very well. Fundamentally fears of parents are communicable on the child the more open these approach at the treatment, the less fearful is the child. And it is a very beautiful success however if the ability to see improves itself, and if the angle of deviation lifts itself or improves itself.